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Power Steering Fluid Checks/Flushes

During our power steering fluid service, our service experts will carefully check your vehicle for any power steering fluid leaks. We'll share with you any issues we find, and let you decide whether you'd like to proceed with a fluid flush appointment. If you wish to have your power steering fluid flushed, we’ll drain your old power steering fluid and flush your power steering components using state-of-the art equipment. Finally, we’ll replace your old fluid with new, high-quality power steering fluid in accordance with your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations so you can get back on the road with confidence. We suggest a power steering fluid flush once, early in a vehicle’s life (before hitting 50,000 KM) to remove contaminants and help extend component life, and then again at 50,000 KM or greater based on your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. Of course, if you notice power steering problems, fluid leaks, or uneven tire wear, you should make an appointment to see us at your earliest convenience.

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