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Mufflers and Exhaust Systems with Budget Performance Inc.

When You Hear a Vibration

If you’re hearing vibrating while your car is running, there’s a good chance your muffler needs a checkup. The source of the vibration will determine how we go about fixing it. The vibrations could be signaling a problem with the muffler, exhaust, or motor. If you experience any unusual vibrations, feel free to bring your car in and let our experts take it from there.

Louder Exhaust

Listen – there’s a deep rumbling coming from your exhaust pipe. It’s louder than normal. That is a clear signal that your muffler and exhaust need repair. Delaying a repair like this could cause more expensive repairs in the future. If you hear that rumbling sound, please drop by. Our experienced staff will fix the problem so you can drive worry-free.

Maintenance Is Key

Have you ever neglected to clean your home for weeks at a time? When you finally have a moment to clean it, it takes much longer than necessary. You can prevent that by cleaning it a little every day. The same can be said for maintaining your muffler and exhaust systems. You need to have them checked regularly to ensure your car runs efficiently. At Budget Performance Inc, we provide fast and easy checkups for our customers.

The Difference Between the Muffler and the Exhaust

We know what we’re talking about. You’ll want to know the difference between your muffler and exhaust. These two words are often used together, and it can be confusing to distinguish the two. We’ll help clear up any confusion. An exhaust system refers to the entire system — everything from the engine cylinder head to the tailpipe. The muffler is the part of the vehicle’s exhaust system that muffles the sound of the vehicle.

If either of these parts is giving you a hard time, contact us to figure out and fix the problem.

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