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Your Budget Performance Inc Fuel Filter Change, Checks & Replacements

How Your Fuel Filter Works

A clogged fuel filter forces the fuel pump to work harder and less efficiently. When you accelerate, a starved engine uses a leaner fuel mixture and loses power. Replacing the fuel filter regularly prevents those particles and impurities from reaching the fuel injectors.

The fuel filter sits in a strategic location and acts as the first line of defense against potentially damaging dirt particles. To help the fuel filter do it's job, you must have them replaced regularly by a skilled technician, like ours at Budget Performance Inc. A replacement schedule is determined by the way you drive, total tachometer between services, and vehicle manufacturer specifications.

Professional Filter Inspection

Budget Performance Inc. technicians first look at your vehicle's filter change intervals assigned by the manufacturer to determine if your filters are in need of replacement. The intervals list both a time and tachometer rating to consider. Technicians will then use their expertise to determine if your vehicle could benefit from a filter change. A visual inspection also assists in determining the right time to perform the fuel filter replacement service.

Fuel Filter Swap

The fuel filter sits either just beneath your hood or behind the rear tire near the gas tank. This filter keeps dirt sitting in the gas tank from clogging up the fuel lines and injector nozzles. As a result, the filter grows dirty fairly quickly, especially if you drive a lot of kilometers each year.

Your Budget Performance Inc technician will indicate the right time to come in for your fuel filter change using a tachometer number and date. Whenever you notice one of those factors is coming up, you can bring your car to a technician to receive your fuel filter change services.

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