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No Start Diagnostics with Budget Performance Inc

Why A No Start Diagnostic?

In that very brief moment of ignition, a car’s engine is fulfilling a complicated mix of sparking and fueling, cranking, compressing and timing. When your engine fails to start, you’ll likely appreciate the skilled services of someone who can correctly identify if it’s the fuel pump or the battery, the solenoid or the spark plugs… or one of many other things that can go wrong in our vehicles today. When it works, fuel, spark and timing create an ignition that lets you move on with your day. When it doesn’t, you need reliable help.

No Start Diagnostic Service Package

Your vehicle requires 4 key characteristics to start up – adequate power, good fuel pressure, engine compression and spark. Your vehicle’s battery provides the power. If there is adequate power, but the vehicle still will not turn over, comprehensive testing is required to determine which of the other 3 is the root of the problem and why.

What needs to be checked in a No Start Diagnostic?

  • Test for spark, fuel and compression
  • Inspection of spark plugs for fuel, coolant and specified gap
  • Check of timing belt
  • Test for fuel pressure and voltage to fuel injectors
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