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Kumho Tires

Budget Performance Inc. offers Kumho Ecsta performance tires, Solus touring tires, Sense passenger tires, as well as Crugen and Road Venture light truck tires.

KUMHO offers a tire line to fit virtually every driver and vehicle requirement. When purchasing KUMHO tires, you should consider the following:

All-Season vs. Performance vs. Touring


  • provide good all-around traction for wet, snowy and icy road conditions
  • deliver superb treadwear & tire noise characteristics


  • enhance a vehicle's handling capabilities on wet and dry roads
  • feature larger tread elements to provide a stiff tread area for handling performance


  • bridge the gap between All-Season & Performance tires
  • combine the technology for All-Season treadwear characteristics with Performance handling & grip
  • exhibit very little tire noise and excellent ride comfort

Treadwear Performance vs. Grip/ Handling/ Traction Performance

A tire will wear out quickly if it is providing maximum grip to the road. This is due to the tread rubber being torn from the tire (on a microscopic level) while it adheres to the road surface. An excellent treadwear tire minimizes the amount of rubber being removed at the road surface, thus providing long tread life, but less road gripping traction.

Tire Speed-Rating ("S","T", "U","H","V","W","Y","Z")

A higher speed rating means reduced ride comfort because a tire capable of running at high speeds requires stiffer construction in order to provide the necessary high speed stability & durability. A Z-Speed rated tire without a service description means that the customer must consult the tire manufacturer to obtain the tire's maximum speed capability.

Tire Speed Rating Symbols

  • S 180km/h or 112mph
  • T 190km/h or 118mph
  • U 200km/h or 125mph
  • H 210km/h or 130mph
  • V 240km/h or 149mph
  • W(ZR) 270km/h or 168mph
  • Y(ZR) 300km/h or 186mph
  • ZR Above 300km/h or 186mph

Come in to Budget Performance today to see which Kumho Tires would be best suited for your driving!

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